From a very young age, Mr. Kelly has had a very unique affinity for vehicles. Old school to fast cars, this technology professional was a highly intuitive driver and would inform his peers about the types of motor vehicles and makes and models of the most intriguing rides in the industry.

A natural leader in the sense that his ability to listen and serve allows his vision to be implemented and create repeat customers to build a business that people want to work for and support.

Unmatched in service and services, Red Carpet is an auto service that people are talking a lot about!

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  Kelly – President, CEO

Hector Gonzales – Lead Mechanic


Certified Mechanic and Engineer, Mr. Hector will diagnose, repair and maintain your vehicle like no other mechanic in the world. Pretty huge statement, however no one can fill his shoes.

There is not an engine he can't rebuild, nor a domestic or foreign vehicle he can't diagnose. Completion is his modus operandi, and we have yet to see a vehicle come back other than for scheduled maintenance.

He has rebuilt 50's, 60's, even the most intricate 2000 model specialty vehicle problems for over 30 years. His family specializes in vehicle repair and body work, and he is the product of automotive genius.
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