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Mecum Car Auction
Dallas Convention Center

One of 44 in production, this immaculate Excalibur belonged to Johnnie Taylor. It is up for auction this week at the Mecum Inaugural Dallas Auction. The vehicle is featured at Lot# 156 out of the 600 vehicles on display.





We’re proud to announce the launch of our new website. That’s right, you too can explore the wonders of the future just by hopping on our domain and riding off into the world of Red Carpet!

I’m sure you’re wondering how we came up with Red Carpet. Well, our leader was trying to figure out how to make our customers require even less headache, and he stumbled upon a happy accident. It turns out that, after a few long hours, days, months, even years, taking one of our Cutlass Cars to a mechanic and receiving no service or satisfaction as a customer, he developed a desire to find a place where he could provide impeccable service to everyone regardless of race, age or income bracket. Awesome! Fast forward to today.

The future of Red Carpet Auto Service, as we proceed to improve our service, personnel and reputation, is only a step away from a state-of-the-art facility that you can view online live! Stay tuned to (still under construction) also as we continue to restore some of the most comfortable, luxury vehicles without losing the integrity of their makers. Contact us today so we can make a believer out of you!